The basic question is what kind of governor will fit the particular application. Here you will find short explanation what is necessary to know in order to define the right governor and form which you can send to us so that our designers can determine the right governor type.

Any particular governor version has it’s particular installation specification which defines governor design and setting. Governor setting is designed by governor manufacturer according to installation specification.

Generally the most important data which determines governor setting are:


Governor drive rotation

Governor drive rotation is determined by engine design. Lycomings and Continentals have CW rotation (facing engine pad), Rotax engines have CCW rotation (facing engine pad).

Propeller type

Propeller type determines governor action - pressure to increase pitch (uncounterweighted propellers) or pressure to decrease pitch (counterweighted propellers).

Governor rotation and pressure to increase or decrease governor action is defined by internal governor arrangement and can’t be changed without rebuilding of the governor at the manufacturer or Authorized Service Centre.

Maximum governor drive RPM

Maximum governor drive RPM is defined by propeller maximum RPM and gear ratio between the propeller shaft and governor drive. This value is then assured with a particular speeder spring which influences in certain margin governor’s dynamic behavior as well.  In operation is permitted to adjust maximum RPM in certain margin according to procedure stated in OPERATION AND INSTALATION MANUAL.  More important changes in maximum RPM can´t be done without retrofit of speeder spring.

Consult aircraft, propeller or engine manuals for applicable information.

Relief valve pressure

Relief valve setting is defined by maximum permissible pressure which can be applied to a particular propeller hub. This pressure is set by governor manufacturer or Authorized Service Centre and must not be adjusted into operation! The majority of propellers is using 320 PSI  relief valve pressure adjustment. But other settings can exist!

Consult aircraft or, propeller manuals for applicable information.

You have two basic methods how to tell us what governor you need:

  1. You know another governor which fits your application.
    If you will retrofit old governor or you know that your engine and propeller combination fits certain governor, let us know this model.
  2. You don’t know any governor which fits your application.
    At this case you have to provide us with the basic information as described above. For this purpose, please use this simple form.

For you convenience consult the Table No. 1 where you will find the most common governor designs and settings. The US version of JIHOSTROJ governor is PCU5000. More details here.

Governor/Mode Engine/Model Rotation (facing engine pad) Governor Design Propeller/RPM(Drive/Ratio) Governor RPM Relief Valve Pressure(PSI)
Rotax THE ONLY GOV THAT FITS SMOOTHLY the new engine Rotax 912 iS
P-110-029/A ROTAX912 CCW INCREASE 1950 (0,58 to 1) 3364 330
P-110-030/A ROTAX912S /914 CCW INCREASE 1700(0,5428 to 1)3148 330
P-920-017/A LycomingIO-540(Narrow Deck) CW INCREASE 2700(0,895 to 1) 2420 320
P-940-017/A Counterweighted Lycoming AEIO360 CW DECREASE 2700(0,895 to 1) 2420 320
P-920-032/A Lycoming IO-360 CW INCREASE 2700(0,867 to 1 2340 320
P-920-033/A Lycoming IO-540(Wide Deck) CW INCREASE 2700(0,947 to 1) 2557 320
P-920-050/A Readjustable Universal Lycoming CW INCREASE 2700(0,895 to 1or 0,866 to 1or …) 2420 Readjustability from 2340 to 2700RPM 320
P-920-028/A High pressure Lycoming IO360IO-320 CW INCREASE 2700(0,867 to 1) 2340 475

Teledyne Continental Motors

P-920-023/A TCM CW INCREASE 2800(1  to 1) 2800 320
P-920-057/A TCM CW INCREASE 2700(1  to 1) 2700 320

NOTE: The information in this table is intended for general reference use only - without commitment to advise modifications. For maximum RPM and drive ratio, please consult operation manual of your engine. 

If any question exists, please contact us.


please fill in the form (Move cursor to picture, click right button, click left button "Save picture as", then open at any Picture Manager software, fill in and send as an attachment to e-mail address.

Based on this information we will determin proper JIHOSTROJ governor type and send you other necessary information concerning purchase.

 Thank you.