Based on demands of important OEM customers and in cooperation with Civil Aviation Authority the P-ABC-X/Y governors were classified per following sections of RTCA / DO – 160D standard:

Test Section Category
Temperature and altitude 4 C3
Temperature variation 5 B
Humidity 6 B
Shock 7 B
Vibration 8 S (L)
Waterproofness 10 S
Fluids susceptibility 11 F
Sand and dust 12 D
Fungus 13 F
Salt spray 14 S

We performed with the governor samples extensive laboratory testing which proved that governor P-ABC-X/Y design conforms above stated qualification basis. This qualification testing included also endurance test of 4800 hours in total. The complete design was evaluated few times with the use of FMEA analysis. We don’t have any information that other governor manufacturers performed such comprehensive testing.

Now we have a governor design which conforms specified requirements and can be adopt for many particular applications. This is done mostly with engine, propeller, airframe manufactures or any other subject whose test and then prove such particular installation.

If the governor is aimed for aircraft operated under supervision of Civil Aviation Authority as EASA, FAA, ... (not UL or EXPERIMENTAL) we are able to issue for any approved installation EASA FORM ONE Certificate.

Our manufacturing facility is certified per EASA Part 21 standard. All manufactured governors are subjected to intensive testing before they are released to our customers.