Propeller control systems

Propeller governors for piston engines

  • P-ABC-X/Y series governors fits the variety of applications on Lycoming, Continental, Rotax and other engines with Hartzell, McCaulley, Hoffmann, Woodcomp, Whirlwind and MT propellers 
  • Airplanes as Cessna, Piper, Beech, Maule, American Champion, Robin, Vans Aircraft, New Glassair, Lancair, Velocity ...

Propeller governors for turbine engines

  • For engines M601/H80
  • Produced more than 5 000 governors in many versions.

Overspeed governors

  • For engines PT6, M601/H80, TP100 
  • Mechanical / Electronic / with feathering valve / with rpm senzor

Speed transmitters

  • For engines PT6, M601 / H80