Rotary flow divider used as pressure intensifier has one output plugged where intensified pressured is needed and second output plugged to the tank. The value of input pressure depends on the ratio of the volume between sections. Closer specification is shown in table below. 
The second output doesn´t have to be plugged to the tank. There is a possibility to use this branch e.g. to the second circuit with lower pressure requirement. We are also capable to identify pressure multiplication in situations where both outputs are in use. 
Intensifiers are available in aluminium or cast iron solution.


Rotary flow divider used for flow regeneration divides output flow from actuator and distributes flow from one section back to the actuator´s input and second section to the tank. The value of the regenerating flow depends on the volume ratio between sections. 
Output flow plugged to the tank regulates fluid temperature (cooling in the tank).
Closer specification is shown below.
Dividers are available in aluminium or cast iron solution.


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