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Hydraulic gear pumps and gear motors

The gear pumps from Jihostroj are modern high pressure hydraulic pumps with variable connecting dimensions and styles according to international standards. They have working pressure up to 330 bar. The hydraulic gear pumps are produced in ten interrelated series (T3T, UD, J, X, P23, T3, Q2, QHD1, QHD2 , GHD0, GHD1 and GHD2) which have displacement from 0.18 to 150 ccm/rev. We offer all the pumps of series P23, T3, UD, Q2, GHD in reverse models or as hydraulic motors, they can have special axis sealing resistant to 10 bar. The hydraulic gear pumps are produced in a wide range of modifications for various usage in hydraulic power packs, mobile machines with power circuits or power steering. They can be used in construction and agricultural machines, in fork lifts, excavators, etc. The hydraulic pumps can be equipped with front-end bearing absorbing radial and axial forces of the drive. The hydraulic gear pumps from Jihostroj can be used also as tandem pumps, all the series can be combined in a double or triple (in special cases in four or five pumps systems) modifications. They are applied especially in complicated hydraulic circuits of vehicles and manipulation machines, where they have an advantage of saving space and a number of drives of the pumps. From pumps series P23, T3, J, UD and Q2 are elicited hydraulic gear motors.

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are single or double acting hydraulic motors with linear reversible motion. They are used as driving units of hydraulically operated equipment, vehicle hoists, forest, agricultural and construction machinery, and in the mobile hydraulics generally. Wide variety of types and terminations of cylinders and pistons makes big variability of applications pos sible. Hydraulic cylinders are designed for a nominal pressure up to 320 bars according to their type and size. The range of bore of cylinder is from 32 to 100 mm, the diameter of pistons is from 22 to 80 mm, maximal stroke is up to 1200 mm. In frame of these limit parameters, hydraulic cylinders can be designed with the required functionality and built-in dimensions. Steering cylinders are application of hydraulic cylinders.



Tandem hydraulic gear pumps

The tandem hydraulic gear pumps are produced as double or triple, in special cases in fourfold or fivefold, combinations of all the groups of the gear pumps in tandem design. They are delivered in unidirectional version as clockwise or anti-clockwise pumps with possible built-in control. For heavy operations with axial and heavy radial load of driving gear there is possible to use front-end cover with additional bearing.

For the construction of tandem pumps can be used all the basic model range of the Jihostroj gear pumps in accordance with proportionality of all groups and in accordance with maximum allowed loading of the first section drive gear. Complete design and working technical conditions are always a part of offer elaborated according to customer`s request.


Flow dividers

Rotary gear flow dividers by Jihostroj a.s., that have been proven in operation, ensure efficient and reliable functioning when used in a wide range of agricultural, handling and construction machinery. These flow dividers enable using a single hydraulic source in multiple useful applications:
- Synchronous operation of multi-cylinder engines or hydraulic motors (linear and rotary).
- Proportional division of a pump output flow into several circuits.
- Pressure boost if pressure exceeding pump capacity is required (without transfer valves).
Jihostroj a.s. produces rotary gear flow dividers of five basic series. Three of them have a fixed axial clearance (unbalanced) and two of them have pressure axial balance.
Flow dividers of the smallest DPVM series, middle-sized DPV2 series and large-sized DPVT series feature with robust cast-iron design, absence of hydraulic balance, and fixed axial clearance. Input of pressure liquid into the divider is located in the middle body to which individual divider sections are connected from both sides. As standard, the DPVM and DPVT series are offered with 2 to 4 sections whereas DPV2 series may have 2 to 6 sections. At the same time, smaller geometric volumes of the DPVT series in the range from 10 to 16 cm3/rev can be made with up to 6 sections. Of course, it is also possible to supply dividers with an odd number of sections or with different geometric volumes according to a required proportion of the liquid flow distribution.

The bodies of the flow dividers of the DPVJ and DPVT3 series are made of high strength aluminium alloy combined with grey iron cast lids. Cogwheels of the divider, made of high strength hardened steel, are seated in floating bearing faces which provide axial pressure balance of the divider, thus ensuring high accuracy division. The DPVJ series is offered with 2 to 6 sections. The DPVT3 series is offered with 2 to 4 sections. A great advantage of such a divider type is an easy and smooth start-up along with a high accuracy of flow division even below 2%. Another advantage is good division accuracy even at low speed (small divided quantity).

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