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Jihostroj produces the fuel control system of the turboprop engines M-601 of all versions. It is a hydromechanical system with electronic limiter of limit parameters. Fuel control unit and fuel pump were entirely developed and engineered by Jihostroj. During the past three decades, more than 7.000 units of fuel and propeller control system have been made. Based on experiences with development of the fuel and propeller control system for three-shaft turboprop engine M-602, Jihostroj elaborated the own advanced fuel control system with the full authority of electronics (FADEC) for the DV-2 jet engine family, up to the stage of function samples. Our fuel and propeller control system is also on newly certified turboprop engine GE H80.

Fuel Control Unit is a core part of Fuel Control System with the full authority of electronics (FADEC) for the DV-2 jet engine family.


Fuel hydromechanical control system with electronic limiter for M-601/H-80 Turboprop Engine. Developed and engineered in Jihostroj.



Main Fuel Pump M-601/H-80 Turboprop Engine. Developed and engineered in Jihostroj.




Jihostroj experience with complete smaller APU fuel control and oil systems design and manufacture lasts  for more than three decades.  Besides legacy products, where thousands of units have been produced for different applications on military jet trainers and light attack aircraft and helicopters and are in field service, new programs are in certification or in serial production, e.g. for ground power generating units or new helicopter APU applications, using the latest technology of fuel metering, such as the single-stage servovalve of own design or BLDC motor fuel metering pump technology.
Jihostroj a.s. recently developed the advanced fuel control unit applicable for APUs and smaller turbine engines, using the technology of single stage servovalve.
The Fuel Metering Pump using a Brushless DC motor with Electronic Control is under development, potential applications are APU, GPU and smaller turbine engines.


  • Jihostroj entered aerospace busines in 1936 with airframe fuel  systems for piston aircraft engines.
  • After WWII Jihostroj starts to produce fuel system for jet engines M05 and over the 50‘s also continues production of fuel systems for piston engines. This involves fuel injection pumps for 14 cylinder double-star engine AŠ-82T (Aircraft Avia 14) and 4 and 6 cylinder Walter engines (Aircraft L-200 Zlín).  
  • In 1959, a strong R&D base focused on fuel systems is being created. First success with own indigineous design was in 1963, when fuel control system for M701 engine entered serial production.
  • In 1965, Jihostroj starts to work on full redesign of fuel system for jet engine AI-25 (originaly developed by Ivchenko Progress company) and newly developed version entered serial production in 1970.
  • In parallel runs redesign of fuel-oil system for APU Saphir V and this becomes the springboard for further modifications of APUs.
  • In 1975 Jihostroj designed and developed full control system for Walter engine M601. For this system were designed and developed electromagnetic (solenoid) valves.
  • In 1978 Jihostroj developed experimental control system with full electronic authority. This system was successfuly tested on M601 engine.
  • Then over the 80‘s Jihostroj designers developed complete fuel control system for DV-2 jet engine used in trainer aircraft L-59.
  • In 1984 – 1994 Jihostroj designed, developed and produced prototypes of fuel control system of turboprop three shaft engine M602 for commuter aircraft L-610. This system was from 80% certified, but the aircraft project was stopped.
  • In later 90‘s, the prototype of fuel control unit for DV-2A engine was designed. This prototype was developed as a fuel system FADEC and it was successfuly tested and passed all engine tests.
  • Since 2000, Jihostroj worked on several projects including Booster Fuel Pumps, Fuel Metering Unit for APU driven by electronics, Motive Flow Fuel Pump an Main Fuel Pump for Turbofan engine  and FCU for helicopter APU. Fuel Metering Unit, FCU for helicopter APU and Motive Flow Fuel Pump entered successfuly serial procudction in 2012.